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Space noun

1. neologism
A distributed data structure used to represent information that is shared in real-time over the Internet. See also file and website.
2. informal
A particular instance of a space: a chat room, a forum, an e-comerce storefront, a wiki, a blog, etc.
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A space is a bit like a file, but designed for the Internet. It can be opened simultaneously on several devices and its contents will be synchronized automatically. Spaces can be looked up by using 3-word codes, and can also be embedded into websites.

The following chat room is an example of a space. While you visit this page, your browser is hosting it and making it available to others:

The 3-word code for the space above is suburb suburb awake. Go on and open the ChatRoom space viewer and look it up, or explore creating new rooms and sharing them:

A space can be as simple as a few written notes synchronized over a person own devices, or it may contain more complex structures (e.g. an entire discussion forum, used by any number of people).

A space is represented internally as an append-only Merkle-DAG. Hyper Hyper Space's open source libraries help application creators implement complex semantics over this simple DAG, and replicate its contents using an overlay peer-to-peer network. A technical intro is available here.

Below are the slides from the Hyper Hyper Space lightning talk in the June 2021 DWeb meetup:

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Own your data

Store your conversations, pictures and files on your own devices. Share them only with whom you want.

Think freely

Share information without intermediaries or censorship, using peer-to-peer technology that works inside your browser.

Champion rights

By running your own node in a peer-to-peer network (inside a web browser, like this one, if you so choose!) you can finally own your information online top-to-bottom.