We ❤️ the Internet. Let's make it a better place.

We're attending the Decentralized Web Camp on Jul 18-21!

A handful of platforms concentrate most of our Internet usage.

As competition and choice decline, personal interactions are becoming increasingly intermediated:

🗣 In social media: weaponized advertising, filter bubbles, lack of privacy

💰 In commerce: unreasonable fees, lack of transparency

🤝 In the sharing economy: labor struggles, opaque markets

We believe there is another way.

We offer a community-driven, not for profit alternative, where you are in control of your data and communications.

Own your data

Store your conversations, pictures and files on your own devices. Share them only with whom you want. Pool your storage space with your friends to have encrypted back-ups.

Direct connections

Share information freely, without intermediaries or censorship, using peer-to-peer technology that works conveniently inside your web browser. You don't need to install any software.

Digital rights

By running your own node in a peer-to-peer network and owning your personal information, you don't have to play by anybody else's rules regarding privacy, tracking, intermediation and censorship.
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