We ❤️ the Internet.

Let's make it a better place.

If you don't have a spaceship, a web browser will do. We're looking for open-source contributors to make the vision for a smart, distributed data layer for the Internet into a reality.

Own your data

Store your conversations, pictures and files on your own devices. Share them only with whom you want.

Think freely

Share information without intermediaries or censorship, using peer-to-peer technology that works inside your browser.

Champion rights

By running your own node in a peer-to-peer network (inside a web browser, like this one, if you so choose!) you can finally own your information online top-to-bottom.

What happens when you enter hyperspace from hyperspace?

We wouldn't know. HHS has nothing to do with space travel or science fiction. What we do know is that the world needs a better Internet.

We think a big part of this better Internet will be a versatile and secure distributed data layer.

Hyper Hyper Space is that layer.

Traveling through hyperspace ain't like dusting crops, boy!
— Han Solo