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Hyper Hyper Space

Make all data local

Communicate only through data sync

Hyper Hyper Space is a software library that provides:

  • a local data store, both in-browser using IndexedDB and server-side
  • a data representation format, based on Merkle-DAGs and CRDTs
  • a secure data sync protocol over WebRTC and WebSockets

Hyper Hyper Space-based applications organize their information using spaces, units of data with standardized formats that can be opened using hyper-browsers. Hyper-browsers can be generic and standards-based, like web browsers, or embedded in other apps.

A space is a bit like a file designed for the Internet age. Spaces are opened and modified locally on your devices, but are synchronized automatically over the net. They all share a base encoding, based on Merkle-DAGs, but each has a given datatype: a chat room, an article, a blog, an ecommerce store, etc. They can be universally looked up using 3-word codes, like suburb-suburb-awake.
We interact with spaces through hyper-browsers. A hyper-browser holds a local copy of the spaces a person wants to make available to others, and also of the spaces they are visiting at the moment. Hyper-browsers connect to each other forming a mesh, used to synchronize space contents. You can use your web browser as a hyper-browser! Visit https://hyperhyper.space to do it.

While they live inside people's hyper-browsers, spaces can link and embed each other independently of where they are hosted. Embeds can work in different ways: a link to an article-space can take the form of a snippet that reflects the current title and contents of the article, a chat room space can be embedded into an article as an interactive comments section, etc. When linked like this spaces form an interactive virtual realm, much like the world wide web, that we call hyper hyper space.

Developer resources

Short introductory talk from FOSDEM's Web3 infrastructure devroom:


The NLnet Foundation is generously funding the development of Hyper Hyper Space through its NGI Assure program, made possible with financial support from the European Comission's Next Generation Internet programme under grant agreement No 957073.


Drop us a line at [email protected].